Website: Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve | Spring Lake, NC

This website is about 4 years old, built on a 2010 theme. They needed their website as a ‘social media’ marketing tool.

  • Functionality: the site’s functionality has grown as I continue to ad things to it as they send me new photos or calendar entries.
  • Events Calendar
  • News, Shout Outs and What Visitors Are Saying: all done using standard posts functionality.
  • Homepage: pulls in X-amount of posts from a combination of two categories and a random image from their Picasa gallery.
  • SEO (Google results): SEO is purely content driven (nothing special as far as plugins or features).
  • Ranked #1 “hunting preserve NC,” “hunting preserve North Carolina,” and “hunting preserve Carolina.” Also ranked #3 “hunting preserve south east,” #10 “upland bird hunting NC,” #7 “pheasant hunting NC,” and #15 quail hunting NC.”
  • Ranked #1 (YouTube Video) and #3 for “Tower Hunt, NC.”