The NC Website Designer’s Bio

Kaye Handlon - web site designer & developer in North Carolina / NCHello! I’m Kaye Handlon, a free-lance website developer / web designer in North Carolina. Allow me to tell you a little about my self.

I love doing website design & development, and I’m very lucky to be doing what I do at my lovely farm in North Carolina.

Professional ‘website designer’ info about me;

  • It all started with a computer tech program in FL in 1996. By 1997 I was working at KSA Advertising converting their print medium campaigns to websites.
  • After moving to North Carolina in 2004 I began working for Roaring Aardvark Web Design, and was an employee until the boss web developer retired in December of 2013.
  • In July of 2013 when my boss at Roaring Aardvark Web Design announced her pending retirement from the website design industry (and I decided I didn’t want to starve to death) I became “The BarnYard Designer”.
  • Working on WordPress websites, I love it! I have been doing so for about 10 years now.
  • Building static HTML websites, I love it too! I have been that for about 20 years now (where does time go?!?).
  • I will work on eCommerce websites using WordPress and PayPal or Square.  I will not touch eCommerce sites that work with any other platforms with a 10′ pole, no way, no how.  I value my personal sanity.  😉

Some personal info about me;

I thoroughly enjoy both of my careers and both my businesses.  A wise person once said “If you enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  🙂